The Waxroom specializes in a wide variety of tunes and repairs.
We cater to the weekend skier, freeriders, park riders and the top performing athletes on the planet.

Owned and operated by Chris Rodgers:
The Head Wax Technician for the New Zealand Park and Pipe Team supporting the team at events such as: Winter Olympic Games, X Games, Dew Tour, Burton Open, Laax Open, FIS World Champs and FIS World Cups.

The Waxroom has high performance tuning machinery to ensure you get the best tune on you equipment:

Wintersteiger RS 350 Stone Grinder

The top model in the sigma-series is the sigma RS350 featuring the Racing Module for strict parameter-controlled racing structures. One of the few stone grinders able to produce directional structures. This combination of the sigma series stone grinder and the Racing Module offers a very powerful service with the additional opportunity of being able to offer a professional racing service.

Grindrite St1800 XL

The Grindrite St1800 XL is a variable speed stone grinder with a belt combi system. It is the workhorse of The Waxroom. Ensuring your skis are flat and well prepared for their final structure pass on the RS 350.

Wintersteiger Trim 71

The Trim Disc 71 ceramic edger provides a race finish edge. Clean, sharp and fast!

Grindrite St500

The St500 is a compact belt edger that provides sharp edges on a budget.

Hot Box

This process requires a 5 hour cycle in the hot box. This allows for maximum wax saturation into your base to give extra wax durability and maximum glide when on the snow.

Tuning Prices

The Complete Tune
Ptex, Hand Edge, Stone Grind Structure, Hot Box Wax
Stone Grind Tune
Ptex, Edge, Stone Grind Structure, Wax
Belt Tune
Ptex, Edge, Belt Grind, Wax
Hand Edge & Wax $65
Belt Edge & Wax $40
Hot Box Wax $40
Hot Wax $30

Repair Prices

Edge Replacement from $80
De-Laminations from $50
Base Patch from $50
P-Tex from $10
Price is for First Coil, Each Additional Coil $5
from $40
Ski Binding Re-Mount $60
New Ski Binding Mount $50